Friday, January 12, 2007

So you had had a big 2006 bonus...What to do with all that money?

A departure from my more anlytical postings to provide a piece of more useful/practical information for a change!

Sniffing out for clean tech investment ideas? Here's the most comprehensive listing of clean energy stocks in the market [List] that I have come across, courtesy of Categories include:
  • Alternative Energy Funds
  • Biogas & Ethanol Stocks
  • Biomass
  • Clean Power Plants & Utilities
  • Energy Efficiency Stocks
  • Flywheel Stocks
  • Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Stocks
  • Geothermal Stocks
  • Green Certificates - Carbon Credit Stocks
  • Micro Turbines Stocks
  • Photovoltaic & Solar Stocks
  • Recycling Technologies Stocks
  • Renewable Energy Investment - General
  • Sustainable & Electric Transportation
  • Wave & Tidal Power Stocks
  • Wind Power & Wind Energy Stocks

The list is daunting, and not every stock is "investment-grade," so do your research! More over, many are traded on "pink sheets" / OTC, and hence are thinly traded and do not provide as much liquidity to trade in and out, if you're that kind of investor.

That said, I think the solar sector is going to be a huge winner in 2007 because of state legislation across the U.S. Biofuels will be a hit as well, again for the same political reasons, but I personally question the sustainability of many biofuel technolgies...I will talk about this in a future post.

Another prediction is that Bush will be pushing nucelar and plug-in hybrid technologies in his State of the Union speech at the end of month, sending counters in these areas north.

However virtuous the reasons, I'm bracing for a historic year for the clean tech sector, and I know I'm not the only one.


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